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I also dabble in investments, livestock - Farm Page , and sports - Sports Page

To paraphrase Robert Heinlein - Specialization is for insects. I keep myself occupied with a variety of interests and hobbys.

Hobbys: Wood and Metal working, Stragedy games - Click here for more...

Keeping track of the kids and grandkids in my Tilton Family Blog

The Archives:

Old Tilton family blog 2014 and before. https://christ77.tripod.com/chris_blog/
  • Our 1999 family year in review - 1999
  • Our 2000 family year in review - 2000
  • Our 2001 family year in review - 2001
  • Our 2002 family year in review - 2002
  • Our 2003 family year in review - 2003
  • Our 2004 family year in review - 2004

    What's happening in Preble County, Ohio?  Enquiring minds want to know!  Visit the Twin Valley Publications or Register Herald to find out!  News, Sports, Ads, and more..

    Wuz up in Dayton, OH - The nearest Metropolitan area - Active Dayton

    Can animal mutilation and crop circles be far behind??? Gratis UFO's

    ...or are the women of Preble County safe with Big Foot lurking in the woods???

    Computerus Geekus in his native habitat: To see me click here  A moment to remember why I do the things that I do; don't talk about it - doit.

    Homeland Security Terror Alert Level - courtesy of Burt and Ernie

    Terror Alert Level
    Flight Alert Level/General Alert Level

    Stock/Investment /BusinessLinks:

    A great way to screen stocks -

    A friend of mine from high school has his own business now: Twin Valley Mold and Tool

    Economic Indicators ...see a snapshot of how the economy is doing.

    li Agricultural Links: I farm part time. So I keep track of the markets.

    Farm Price Report

    Agriculture Online Tons of ag links...

    Where's supper? - pic from winter of 98-99

    If you are a food processor in or near SW Ohio and have food waste that you need to get rid of please contact me. ;Instead of paying money to have food by-products hauled to a landfill, we may be able to make a deal to haul it away. ;This would be for food unfit for human consumption, but suitable for animal feed. Contact me via email.

    email: Chris Tilton

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