2004 - Tilton Family

We decided to build a new barn. The old one is in sad shape and interest rates are low. So Joe gave me a hand moving some of the large items away from the area where we are putting it in. He got to drive both the tractor and the truck. Hey he did better than Chelsea, at least he didn't wreck the truck! He figured things out pretty well and even backed up the tractor just fine. Since Chad has moved out, I need to get the next generation of cheap labor up to snuff.

Made a trip to grandma Susans for a weekend to get some work done on her place. Had two casualties, Chelsea was stung under her eye by a bee and Joe cut his finger with a knife. But they did OK, we got the work done and had some time for pleasure. Chelsea made friends with the burro's and horses. We all went fishing at Wolf Run State Park. Everyone caught a fish. We also caught a movie - Van Helsing and had some ice cream. The youngsters had a fight about who was going to sit up front. So I drove off and left them in the parking lot. They walked up the trail to the parking lot that I was sitting in. They were a bit miffed, but they did resolve the conflict.

Chelsea's friend Desma had a baby - what a surprise. Chelsea went to her first prom with a boyfriend from National Trail HS. After sitting out last season, Chelsea is back playing basketball. She is on the reserve team currently.

Bought a used boat. Went boating with the family several times this summer. Also went with Misty and Sean once - it was nice to get the cousins together.

The 4th of July party is getting bigger and bigger. This year Chad's friends bought about $600 worth of fireworks that we set off. Cousin Mike Grace was here for a week from Massachusetts and we did our best to keep him busy. Kings Island, boating, shooting .22's, the fair, Hueston Woods etc. he said that his favorite activity was playing paintball, he had a blast.

Another cousin Rob Freedman - this one from the west coast, stopped in to see us, well mostly Chelsea. They did go to Indian Lake and Jet ski and ran around a bit. Rob got a ticket for driving thru the only stop light in West Alexandria. They confiscated his license, which he needed to get onto the airplane. Becky made a call to chief Webb and worked things out so that he could get it returned in time to leave.

Grandma Freedman is in failing health. Chelsea was watching her thru part of the summer. Chelsea has been watching her on the weekends. One Sunday she did not recognize Chelsea and threatened to call the police. I told Chelsea that I would call the police too if I woke up and found her my house ;- ). But seriously Grandma is in hospice so we are all concerned about her.

Joe helped clean out Pappaw's garage one weekend. He got to keep a few odds and ends. When it was finished Pappaw rewarded Joe by giving him a samuri sword. I guess that Chelsea won't be mouthing off to Samuri Joe anymore.

Becky's father Earl is moved into a trailer next to our house. I had to build front and back ramps for it. The front one was built twice when the powers that be decided that the ramp was too steep and had to be redone. Any way he is moved in and Becky is keeping a watchful eye on him.

Joe and I went hunting in Eastern Ohio for the youth deer hunting season that they recently started. We saw some deer both days, but had no luck. Still we had a good time. Saw a salamander, a box turtle that had not hibernated, and a couple of rabbits. We had a little adventure when we got lost. Saw a house in the distance and walked to it turned out that an elderly couple lived there and they offered us a ride. They had a 1976 Dodge pickup with only 56k miles on it. We found our truck, Joe wanted to keep hunting until dark, but I said that was enough adventure for one day.

I did go deer hunting with a friend of mine - Jimmy. We got another doe this fall. It was another team effort.

Chris Tilton
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