Tilton Family - Year in review: 2001

Highlights and lowlights

Chad and Vanessa both graduated. Chad graduated from Sinclair and is now working at Slemkers in Eaton. Vanessa graduated from TVS and is attending Wittenberg where she is running Cross Country and Track. She was the number 3 runner out of about 17 this fall. Brett Kaluga, a family friend, died of a drug overdose this summer. He was inbetween Chad and Vanessa in ages and lived close by. Always a bit of a daredevil, but with a good heart. He took one too many chances.

Joe Played football for Preble Shawnee this fall. He was nose tackle and tight end. He got third place in football camp for kicking.

ChelseaVanessa and Chelsea got to play on the same softball team for the first time. She tried out for football, but ended up quiting and running CC. Basketball season is going OK, her 7th grade team is currently 3-3.

Vanessa Worked at Weyerhauser over the summer. Is enjoying Wittenberg. Is thinking of changing majors from Accounting to ???

Chad Is thinking of leaving Slemkers and going to another dealership. He is still staying busy on the weekends tinkering and seeing friends.

Becky still some back problems at work (Beare's Restaraunt.). the treatments are not having much effect, not sure what the next step is.

Me Got my first deer this fall. Work is going fine. Am starting the TVS Wee Panthers football team next fall. A big project, but so far things are going fine. No coaching basketball this winter for the first time in many years.