Tilton's 1999 - the year that was

Some ups and downs. Chad graduating this spring was a highlight. Not out of the nest yet, he is going to Sinclair and is commuting from home. Had fun on vacation in South Carolina. Sad that Grandfather Freedman died this fall. We and the community will miss him.

Chad Graduated this spring and is attending Sinclair Community College. They have a program sponsored by GM where the student attends class for 6 weeks, works for 6 weeks (Slemkers in Eaton) until they are certified. So far so good. He is buying a 1956 Buick in great condition and is working 2 jobs to pay it off. So not much of a social life. One highlight of last spring was when he qualified for a state contest in automotive troubleshooting. He and his teammate at school won the schools contest and their score was one of the 15 highest in the state. So they got to go to Cleveland for the finals. They finished like 11th or 12th, but at least they got their car running and on the track. Some teams couldn't even get their car to start. The Tech School recieved a brand new Ford engine for their efforts.

VanessaCurrently a junior. Pulling A's and B's in school. Had a disappointing track season due to injury. Started strong, but aggravated the growth plate at the top of her hip. Tried to rest it over the summer, but had to finally under go therapy in the fall to get it healed. She had a so-so Cross County season since she couldn't run over the summer. She was the number one South runner, but didn't place well in districts. Still made the all County and all League CC teams. She was a maid of honor at her friend, Jeannies', wedding.

ChelseaCurrently in 5th grade. Doing OK gradewise. Doing very well at basketball. Played AAU ball for the first time last spring and did OK - was about in the middle statisically. The experience has helped her this winter - got 10 points in her first game, too many steals to count, and 6 rebounds. Goals to play in WNBA, and if that doesn't happen - to be a coach.

JoeLil' Joe our second grader. Played YMCA BB and Ultimate NFL football. Did OK at both sports. Not the best player, but not the worst - and he had fun. Although he can't wait until next year when he can play full contact football. Broke a tooth at Amber Skiles wedding, but kept on ticking. He has broken 2 caps, it doesn't seem to affect him so we are going to wait until he is more settled down before investing more $$ in his mouth. In the meantime, he will be the vampire... Joe is on double secret probation at school. One more note to the principal and he can't go on the 2nd grade class trip to Camp Kern this spring.

Becky and IBecky is working at Beare's Restaraunt in West Alexandria. She is the morning cook and enjoys her work. The football team ate breakfast there on Fridays during the playoffs. She is raising Boston Terriers and makes a little pocket change from them. I am still at Lexis-Nexis, now as a senior system engineer. Coach tons of youth basketball which is rewarding. We still raise beef cattle at our place, did OK this year. Am expanding the herd this year.

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