Double check game times with your coaches/advisors - it is not unusual for a game time to be moved because of band, soccer, or some other school activity. We will call and confirm each week to verify game times and make changes here as well as let the parents know at practice.



We will practice in the rain. But we will not practice in lightening. Our policy is not to commence practice until 30 minutes after the last lightening strike. If after 30 minutes it is still storming, then practice will be cancelled.

30 minutes:

On game day, whether the game is home or away, please be there at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start so that your player/cheerleader can warm up.

  • July 15 Tuesday 7pm to 8pm Fundraising returns at the Townhall.
  • July 21-25 Twin Valley South's football camp at the high school.
  • Aug 2 Saturday 8-10pm Swim party for youngsters and their families. $4 per family to get in. Concession stand will be open.
  • Aug 4 Conditioning begins 6-8pm Ball Park in West Alexandria. Practices are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 6-8pm.
  • Aug 14 weigh ins 7pm
  • Aug 16 Saturday Issue Equipment 10am
  • Aug 18 Practice in full pads.
  • Aug 30 Saturday 9am 1pm round robin scrimmage at NT
  • Sep 7 1st game at Bradford 1pm 3pm.


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