TVS Girls 7th Grade Basketball 2012-2013



Participation Fees, physical, and paperwork must be turned before the first game or your player will not be allowed to participate.

OHSAA Physical Form Note if your player was in cross country or volleyball a new physical is NOT needed.

Over Christmas break we generally go to a local college womens basketball game as a team.

Secret Santa - In December the girls will draw names for a secret Santa. Rules are you can't let the other person know that you drew their name. You secretly give them small gifts (candy,costume jewelry,etc.) during December. You can slip it in their gym bag, locker, coat pocket, etc. Then the last practice before Christmas we will let everyone know who their secret Santa was and give them one last gift - $5 or so.

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November Schedule

Bus Departure Times

Game Days

No Blue Jeans/T-Shirts - players must wear a dress or slacks to school on game days. Players can wear their warm up shirt on game days.

Water Bottles - please have your player bring a water bottle with their name on it.  Less chance of sharing germs and no spilling cups on the sidelines.

TVS Driving Directions



No School due to snow, etc., No Practice that night

Missed Practice - Player will not start and will not play in first quarter of the next game. More than one practice missed and the player will not play in the first half.

Late for Practice The team will run one sprint for every minute that a player is late.

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