The Stars are also a new AAU team, there are some experienced players on the team but this is the first year together for them.   Contact coach by using the 'back' button at the bottom of the page & sending an email - it will be sent to the coach.  Pics and results at the bottom

Coach Schul

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March Madness:

March 15  Stars 38  Cincy Bearcats 32

Apr. 4  Stars  28 - Heat 17   The Stars did an excellent job of feeding the ball into the post.   The Heat attempted a rally at the start of the second half and closed the gap.  But the Stars called a time-out, got re-organized and scored the next three baskets to build a lead that they wouldn't give up

April 25  Stars 29  Cincy Crusaders 35  The Stars were up at halftime, but just couldn't hang on.

April 26  Stars 22  Hamilton Heat 28.  

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Pic: Putting one up in traffic

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