New Rec Center coming to the Eaton area?  According to the local paper, plans are now being discussed to build a multipurpose facility outside Eaton.   Give your input to either the Preble County Youth Foundation or the Preble County Commisioners.  It would be nice to see a facility with 2-3 gyms built.  

But here is something else that can be done now:

 With the new schools & new additions being made to the local schools there is a growing surplus of old schools with empty gyms like Lanier, the old TVS high school, National Trails Schools, etc.  It would be great to get funds to buy or lease these facilities for youth programs such as basketball, soccor, ymca programs, etc.  If you are interested in endowing money for a good cause please contact the Preble County Youth Foundation at 937-456-8136.  They are the folks that will be building the new facility in Eaton.  But it would be nice to have outlying facilities across the county so that all youth can have easy access to free facilities in Preble County.  We were able to use the old Lanier Gym, but it is too expensive to heat and the owner isn't able to put in the care & maintenance to upkeep the gym.  It would be a shame to see this facility continue to decline when a little bit of money would keep it open for all kids to use.  Contact the foundation above, or email me below if you want to help get something organized to convert any of the old buildings for youth here in Preble County.