Hey, I needed to raise some money for my girls basketball team this winter.  So I sat down and thought about it.  It gets old calling up sponsors and giving them a sales pitch.  Why not have a little fun; and why not combine some of the things that I like: Paintball & Science Fiction.  So I made a few calls and once all the i's are dotted & the T's are crossed we will have:

the 1998 Turkey Shoot : Skirmish on Clipper.4.  

Details to date:

Theme: In the Starship Troopers book. Heinlein mentions skirmishes and raids againt the 'Skinnies' - tall, pale humanoids that had sided with the Archanids.  This is one of those skirmishes against the Baantarians, on the planet Clipper.4.

Date: Saturday, Nov. 28th; start time is 10:00am.  Check in begins at 9:00am break for lunch at 1pm.  Game will end at 7pm.  

Place: Lewisburg, OH (about 25 miles W of Dayton Oh, right off of hwy 70. - About and hour and a half from Columbus and Indianapolis, about an hour away from Cincinnati).  Site is an over 150 acre area with some wooded areas and caves from a limestone mine.  Some of the caves are in use, so we will have limited access to a portion of the caves as well as a good bit of the above ground portion of the complex.  So there will be some below ground action.   

Field Paint only. Will have CO2 and some rentals availiable.  

Cost: $25 per person (individual); groups of two or more $20 per person.  

Raffle:  All participants will have their names entered in a raffle that will be held at the end of the day.

Trophies: Trophies will be given to each side for best fire team (group of 4-7 players), best player, best sportsmanship.  This will be done by popular vote.  

Concessions: We will have someone there to furnish snacks, etc.  We just need to agree as to who will actually do this.  

Rules and other information to follow...

1/2 of the net proceeds go to Preble County Basketball to help pay for gym time, uniforms, etc.  Thanks from the girls!

NOTE: This is still in negotiations, but I wanted to start getting the word out as we will be pressed for time once this is finalized (probably late Oct./early Nov.) we will do a 'full court press' to get the word out.  

Contact me for more info/signup forms: MAIL

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