Yep, this is lil Joe's homepage.  The baby of our family.  And a bit of a character - a character along the lines of Tom Sawyer.  Down deep he's a good kid - but always seems to be getting into scrapes.  Like his first year of school.  The weekend before school started he gave himself a haircut.  When we asked why, he said that it was because his mother said that his curls were 'cute', so he cut them off because he didn't want anybody to make fun of him.  So we finally get him to his first day of school and that afternoon when I came home from work, I asked how Joe's first day was.  "Well he brought home a note", my wife said.  Oh? "Yes, he was sent to the principal's office, for fighting..."    And another time he got his leg caught between the bannister and the wall.  We thought that we might have to take the bannister off, or his leg.  But we finally managed to wrestle him free.  There's the time Joe put the cat in the freezer; Joe and the dishes; the time Joe did the 'Curley Shuffle' at his nieces wedding, the reason why the bathroom is off limits at grandpa's house, and on and on.   I will have to keep a journal of this little guy and write a book about his antics.  He is and will remain, our families modern day Tom Sawyer.

His first school picture - we call it "mischevious Joe":

Joe's picture (jpg format)

It's an unconfirmed rumor, but the reason that he is smiling so mischeviously is that he had just put a thumbtack on the chair of the photographer...  ;- )

Joe likes basketball - both of his older sisters play, and football - hey I want to get at least football player out of the bunch.  So he has been playing both basketball & football at the YMCA in Richmond, IN.  He likes cars of course, so he has something in common with his older brother.    

Joe Driving with basketballJoe driving with the basketball Joe bringing the ball down the court (99)

Joe warming up.Joe warming up - 1999 YMCA 1st & 2nd grade

Last updated: Jan 24, 1999

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