This is an almost new AAU team.  It has some players from last year's Hamilton Heat, but there a are a lot of new faces.  So the girls will be learning to work with one another this spring.  There is some good individual talent that will have to become a team in the next few months - good luck ladies and play hard!   Pics and results are at the bottom.

The Coach is Vince Vilkoski - email me from the previous page (goto 'back' button at bottom of page) and Vince will get contacted.  

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Angela Vilkoski        #20       5'5"

Vanessa Tilton         #14      5'3"

Molley Brennan        #15      5'2"

Katie Hanck             #12       5'4"

Rachel Buczek         #32       5'7"

Sara Brown             #33        5'8"

Chelsea Via            #40        6'0"

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Tournament Results:

Tri-County Sportsplex March Madness

Mar. 15       HEAT 25   Cincy Cougers 23  The other team had a really good player who scored like 80% of their points.  They put Vanessa on her in the second half and that slowed her down.  We made things interesting when one of our players fouled out with a little over a minute left & the team had to finish with 4 players.  Glad to get a victory with only 2-3 practices under our belts.

Mar. 19       HEAT 28 Rebels  35  They took an early lead, but the Heat closed in the second quater.  The third quarter was a dogfight and it seems like we ended that quarter up by 2.  They had a strong 4th quarter and we just couldn't catch up - they hit their foul shots when it counted.  We played with them fairly well, put our full court press together at half time and it was effective at times.  But we had a lot of easy turnovers that kept us from getting any momentum built up.  Ashley Fox had some nice baskets in the post position.

Mar. 24  HEAT 46 Northeastern Lightning 40  This was a back and forth battle, but the Heat surged ahead in the last quarter.  Great hustle by the team - you could tell that they wanted to win this one.  Offensively Angela lead the way followed by Molly & Sarah.  Sarah also had a great night under the boards, she fought for every rebound.  

Mar. 28  HEAT 30 Cincinnati Bearcats 32  (OT)  This was a low scoring game in the first half.  The score was something like 11-9.  Both teams seemed to be shooting cold, and the defenses were tough. But things started to break loose in the second half.  We were short players and Ashley had to leave.  Then Vanessa fouled out.  This left us with 4 players in the last 2 minutes.  But the girls played tough and almost won it in regulation.  However, the Bear cats came back to tie with less than 10 seconds left.  In OT, Sarah fouled out - this left us with 3 players on the floor.  They played tough, but the Bearcats opened a lead.  In a display of good sportsmanship, the Bearcats pulled 2 players off the court and it was 3 on 3 fullcourt.  We closed the gap but couldn't pull ahead and lost by 2.   

Apr. 4  HEAT 17 - Oxford Stars 28  This is going to sound familiar, no bench - only 5 girls played.  You could tell that the girls were down.  In the fist half they were listless. The Stars did an excellent job of feeding the ball into the post, where we were weak.   The Heat attempted a rally at the start of the second half and closed the gap.  But the Stars called a time-out, got re-organized and scored the next three baskets to build a lead that they wouldn't give up

Apr. 18  Heat 28 - Bloom 27  Gee, were we cold in the first half.  The team must have missed 10 layups.  Then in the second half we let them pull ahead and had to play catchup.  Finally in the 4th quarter we took the lead and they had to battle back.  Cassie made a key trey in the last 2 minutes to put us up for good. They made a basket with about 28 seconds left, then got the ball back, but couldn't put together a last second play.  Sarah Brown looked good, Chelcie Via had 3 blocked shots.  Cassie did a great job filling in at point.  

Milford Tournament:

Apr. 25  Heat 22 Cincy Crusaders 32  Let them get a run of about 12 points and just couldn't catch up.

Heat 36 Classicway B 28  Defense won this game.  We must have gotten half of our points off of turnovers.  The short people really did a number on their guards.

Apr 26  Heat 28  Oxford Stars 22  The team just played a solid game.  Good defense, heads up offense. Sarah Brown (6 straight free throws) and Angela Vilkoski both had great games.  

May  9   HEAT 28  Cincy 25  

              HEAT 26  Bloom 29  Had to play 2 games back to back with just 5 players.  Ran out of gas in that 8th quarter.  

             HEAT 38  Cincy Purple 19   A cruiser.

June - Ohio State 14-u Tournament.  WLWWL  We ended up going 3-2 in the double elimination state tournament.  I can't remember all the teams but we beat Cincinnati Majic, Surge White, but were knocked out of the tournament by Dayton Lady Hoopstars 'B' team.    

Molly giving pressure

Heat on the fast break

on the foul line

Last update: June 15, 1998