Here is the 3rd/4th grade team from Preble County:


Jessica Sweeney  4'6"  C/F  West Alexandria

Ashley Moore      4'5"  F  West Alexandria

Brittany Byrd       4'2" G  West Alexandria

Chelsea Tilton     4'9" C  Camden

Alayn Gonnella   4'2" G West Alexandria

Sarah Smith        4'6" F Eaton

Morgan Williams   4'4"  G Gratis

Rachel Lambertson    4'5" F West Alexandria

Practices start in December.  Games start in January.

* Note in this league the score is kept by half's (The score is reset to zero at halftime).  The Monarchs is a team of 3rd graders competing in a combined 3/4 grade league.  So we are playing against older, experienced, and taller opponents.  I did not expect to win a game, but the girls proved me wrong.  We won our first game 19-18 to earn a team pizza from the coach for our first victory - way to go ladies!  

Monarchs in Action.

Jan. 10   Monarchs vs Rockers:   1st half   12 - 10;  2nd half   7 - 8. Final 19-18 Sara 14 points; Chelsea 5 steals.  Alayne Gonella was player of the game.

Jan. 17  Monarchs 1 vs. Liberties 18;  Ouch they had a good team and they really outplayed us.  Chelsea 1 point, 5 rebounds.  Sara 2 rebounds.

Jan. 24 Monarchs 4 vs. Xplosion 24;  Another good team that put us away.  Sara was player of the game, she scored our 4 points, had 10 rebounds, and 3 steals.  

Jan. 31 Monarchs 4 vs. Liberties 30; Sara got our 4 points.  Chelsea had 8 rebounds. Brittany had 1 steal.

Feb. 7 Monarchs 8 vs. Comets 32; Chelsea & Sara each got 4 points.   Chelsea had 6 rebounds & 2 steals.

Feb. 14 Monarchs 6 vs. Starzz 24  Chelsea got 4 & Sara got 2 points.  Chelsea had 5 rebounds & 3 steals.  Sara had 4 rebounds.  Brittany was player of the game with 2 rebounds and a steal.

Feb. 21 Monarchs 10 vs. Rockers 28 Chelsea had 6 points, Sara had 4 points.  Alayne had 2 rebounds & Chelsea had 4 steals.  They were ready to play this game, but we did a better job of playing as a team.  Lots of good passing.

Feb. 28 Monarchs 23 vs. Xplosion 38  Alayne Gonella had 11 points, Chelsea had 5 points, Morgan had 4 points.  Rebounds Sara & Chelsea had 4, Ashley Moore 3.  Steals Chelsea had 5 Alayne Gonella had 2. Even though we lost, the girls played a good game.  The teamwork was there again.  

Monarchs on Defense

Final Stats:


Sara Smith 34  Chelsea Tilton 20 Alayne Gonnella 11 Morgan Williams 8


Chelsea Tilton 34, Sara Smith 27, Alayne Gonnella 8, Ashley Moore 6


Chelsea Tilton 21 Sara Smith 7 Alayne Gonnella 7 Morgan Williams 4