Aug. 29

TVS 20    Dixie 13    At halftime this game looked like a runaway.  South was up 20 -0.  But the guys relaxed and Dixie took advantage of some turnovers (5!)  to make a game of it.  In our defense, we still have some young starters and  I think that they will continue to improve this fall.    Offensively, the triple option is still our main attack, with some passing mixed in by Lindloff.  Davis did not disappoint as he had an excellent night running the ball (194 yards).  Defensively, I was pleased to a sea of red around the Dixie ball carrier on almost every run.  They had one or two lapses on pass coverage,  but the pass coverage overall was fine as well.  All in all, an improved team from last year.

Sept. 5

TVS 24 Bethel 14  TVS was down 14-0 at one point.  But came back to get the victory.  Both Lindloff & Davis did OK throwing the ball this game.  

September 12

TVS 34 Ansonia 36  This was a see-saw battle.  South was up at the half, but lost their momentum and the game in the 2nd half.   They had a gallant effort in the last 2 minutes.  At one point, Lindloff scrambled on a 4th and forever after a offensive pass interference and was able to get a first down to keep the drive alive.   But they went to well too many times and failed to make a first down the next set of downs.  They gave the ball back to Ansonia on about their 20 yard line where they took a knee to run out the clock.   The defense had a tough time stopping Ansonia's running game.  Although they were able to make some good stands when it counted.  

September 19

Twin Valley South 12, Waynesville 6  

South did all their scoring in the first half, but held off Waynesville to win.

September 26

Twin Valley South 7 Bradford 17

We kept on shooting ourselves in the foot during this game.  Roughing the kicker, another penalty that called back a touchdown, and so on.  Bradford came to play, but we sure helped them out with mistakes and penalties.  Angelo Davis had another game of over 100 yards rushing - 139 gained.  

October 3

Twin Valley South 40 National Trails 16,

Offense & Defense were both in sync.  The offense was balanced with scoring coming from both the air and ground attack.  Davis had another 100+ yard game and even threw for a touchdown.  Lindloff both threw and ran for touchdowns as well.  

October 10

TVS 24 Covington 12.  Twin Valley South wins over defending league champs - Covington.  Offense and Defense continue to stay in sync.  A win next week keeps them in the hunt for a championship.  But Ansonia and Arcanum both need to falter.  The panthers can help themselves with a big game next week.  

October 17

Twin Valley South 0  Arcanum 14,

We let them do all their scoring in the first half.  The offense seemed to sputter.  We would start a good drive, then have a few dropped passes, or someone would miss a block, and we would have a third and long.   The recievers had a tough night, it was cold, and we had problems hanging onto the ball.  One of them would have been a TD.  Defensively they were scrappy against a bigger Arcanum line.  Arcanum had the initial surge off of the ball, but the linebackers did a good job of filling and stuffed their runners.  At first it looked like a long night, Arcanum scored on their first drive and made it look easy.  But the guys toughened up and played them tough - particularly in the second half when they shutdown their offense.   But Arcanum is a good sized, physical team, if they keep playing like this, they deserve to be league champs.  

October 24

Twin Valley South 53 Missinawa Valley 0  Curtis Enis left here long ago...the program is back on the rocks.  

October 31

Twin Valley South 28 Tri-County North 11

Home - Tri-County North.  Yes, North has a losing season - but throw out the records.  This is a big rivalry -North vs. South, the winner gets bragging rights for the next 365 days.   And gee the folks from South have been hearing about it for the last few years.  Will it be Souths turn to crow???  Neither team has a chance for the league or post season play; they'll be playing for pride.  If you can't get up for this game, you don't have a pulse...

It was close in the first quarter.  But South finally started putting points on the board and pulled away.  So the season ends on a winning note.  The team went from 3-7 last year, to 7-3 this year.  So they really turned things around.  As mentioned there are some young players on the team.  They will have to work hard to keep the momentum up.   Great season, great football - good work guys.  

District Runner-ups: Angelo Davis; Matt Thopre.