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We have scaled back the farm operation. Right now we are just raising calves for personal use. We occasionally have half a side of beef availiable.

My Father is still raising blue ribbon sheep.


new comb

Well as the other operations have scaled back, I am ramping up another little project - raising honey bee's. So far, so good. The goal is to expand next year. If you have an orchard or vegetable operation in SW Ohio where you need pollination, send me an email and I am sure we can work out an arrangement.

Bee Swarms

I work during the day. But if you have a swarm in a building that needs removed, contact me and I can set up some time on the weekend for removal.

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Where's supper? - pic from winter of 98-99

If you are a food processor in or near SW Ohio and have food waste that you need to get rid of please contact me. ;Instead of paying money to have food by-products hauled to a landfill, we may be able to make a deal to haul it away. ;This would be for food unfit for human consumption, but suitable for animal feed. Contact me via email.

email: Chris Tilton

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