There are many reasons that I do the things that I do.  Why do I indulge my kids so much?  Why do I stay so active and seem to be constantly doing something.  Because I know that life can fleeting.  Far from stable, life can be gone in an instant.  I saw what my friends father went thru and later what my father went thru when I was aged 17 and 21.  If, god-forbid that something ever happened to my kids - I want to know that I did everything I could to help them experience life - every ball practice that I drive them to, every scout meeting, every camping trip, every vacation, every picture from art class.  They are all treasures.  As are the memories of my brother Matt Tilton; and my friend Kevin Anderson. They are the reasons that I do what I can for youngsters.

Kevin Anderson 1959 -  November 1976    

Matt Tilton Jan. 1961- Oct. 1979 "To live in the hearts of others is to live forever..."

I remember      and I hope that you remember too.