COACHING:If more parents are interested in coaching the spring of 1998, we can get more teams. If you are a parent in or near Preble/Montgomery/Butler/Darke County and want to help coach, start a team, or get your children into AAU please contact me. If we get more interest ,it would be great expand our basketball club to all age groups (10 to 17).    From talking to other coaches that is our biggest regret in the older age groups - that we didn't start earlier.  Start your kids young and start coaching (and make mistakes) with the youngsters. As they learn, you learn.  So when you get into the older age groups, you are all on the same level.

* MENTORING:  Never coached before - hey that didn't stop me and I did learn the hard way (ouch!).  Let me know now if you are interesting in coaching and we can pair you up with a local high or junior high coach. They will help you develop an outline of what skills to develop, let you attend a few practices, and allow you to tap into their expertise if you have questions.  

This would also be a good spring coaching opportunity for a college student who is interested in pursuing a coaching career, or who would just like to help out.   Volunteers are needed for both male & female teams for the 1998 campaign.  I know that there are several local colleges (Miami of Ohio, Un. of Dayton, Earlham) that are close by.   So if you are interested in helping out, contact me via email below.