South - Shawnee Summer Basketball League

For students who will be in grades 5-8 in Fall of 2008

Division 1 - teams containing both 5th and 6th graders.

Division 2 - teams containing both 7th and 8th graders.


Look for a meeting to be held sometime in early April, check back for a time and place.

  1. Review Rules - discuss any proposals for amendments or changes.
  2. Exchange contact information.
  3. Assign team colors for those that will be using T-Shirts

Games will start June 9, then a tournament sometime after the Fourth of July.

At this time 5 local schools have expressed an interest.

General Rules

  1. All games will be played at a central location, currently this is TVS
  2. All players must reside or attend school at the school district of the team that they are playing for.
  3. We will schedule 2 referee's for each game.
  4. Will pair teams for the final tournament in a competive manner.
  5. In addition to league fee's that will cover referee's, gym time, etc. Each team will pay a $100 deposit. On the day of the tournament, each organization will get a refund of the $100 provided that their team has attended all games.
  6. If both coaches agree a game can be rescheduled. 1 week notice is required.
  7. For teams that want to practice, each team must get their own gym time. So contact your administration.
  8. Younger age groups can start practicing in May. Due to OHSAA rules, the 7-8 grade teams cannot start until June 1.
  9. Schools are allowed to field 2 teams if enough decide to play. Bear in mind that with summer activities, that we have seen that it is best to have your teams loaded. However we ask that the teams are mixed age groups and talents. This is meant to be instructional and so having a strong team that beats everyone and a weak team that doesn't win a game takes away from the spirit of this. So having a draft or a random selection would both be acceptable ways to set teams.
  10. Uniforms: Most representatives agreed that t-shirts would be best for those teams that don't have access to game jersey. Each school can choose their own logo on front. But each t-shirt must have a number on the back. Each team that needs to use tshirts will be assigned a unique color.
  11. Hold Harmless agreements are to be signed by a parent of each player.

Game rules - OSHAA rules with the following exceptions.

  1. Game clock is a running clock - stops only for injury or timeouts.
  2. Each game will consist of two 16 minute halves.
  3. Intermission is 5 minutes.
  4. Overtimes are 3 minutes and each team will get 1 additional timeout.
  5. Division I only can use 1/2 court defense - no pressing.
  6. Each player must play in each half of each game for at least 3 minutes.
  7. Top team is the home team and supplies someone to keep the game scorebook.