Tri-County North Invitational: 1st place House 1st at 22:58

Northridge Invitaional: 4th place  (Vanessa 51st 28:13)

Trotwood-Madison Invitational   9th place - 1st among Div 3 schools. (Vanessa 81st 25:58)

Preble Shawnee Invitational  6th Kelly House 4th 21:43. (Vanessa 56th at 26:06)

Eaton Invitational  5th place of 12  Kelly House 15th 22:05; Vanessa Tilton 28th 23:48; Julia Day 33rd 24:01; Amanda Moses 35th 24:08; Danielle Brower 46th 24:55.

National Trail Invitational  2nd place (Vanessa 18th at 26:16)

Brookville Invitational   10th place (Vanessa 74th at 23:43)

National Trail Meet  2nd place - only one point behind Eaton! Kelly House  5th 21:42, Jeannie Miller 15th 24:11; Vanessa Tilton 17th 24:15; Amanda Moses 18th 24:30; Tania Angel 29th 25:25; Julia Day 31st 25:51; Danielle Brower 35th 26:03

Madison Invitational   2nd Place. House 4th 20:43; Miller 10th 22:10; Tilton 12th 22:19; Moses 13th 22:22; Brower 14th 22:29; Day 21st 23:24; Angel 22nd 23:30

Milton Union Invitational 7th place House 9th 21:19, Miller 46th 23:27; Tilton 49th 23:29; Brower 58th 24:19; Moses 66th 24:42; Day 73rd 25:05; Angel 84th 25:51

*** CCC LEAGUE *** 2nd Place  House 4th 21:35; Tilton 12th 23:15; Moses 15th 24:27; Miller 16th 24:38; Day 17th 24:40; Angel 22nd 25:43

*** DISTRICT*** 6th place:  House 6th 20:33; Tilton 15th 22:55; Moses 46th 23:18; Miller 49th 23:23; Brower 52nd 23:38; Day 53rd 23:41; Angel 66th 24:42

 1st Team All-Conference: Kelly House.  2nd Team All-Conference: Julia Day, Amanda Moses, Vanessa Tilton.

They had a lot of second place finishes and missed qualifying in the district by only 16 points.  So if they work hard in the off season, they should do better.  There is a good bunch of 8th graders that will be joining the team next year.  So the team should continue to improve.