2000 Summer League meeting minutes (March)

PCBA Summer League 03/19/00 Meeting.
Chris Tilton - TVS
Tom Jackson - TVS
Terry Qvick - PS
Darcie Ermlich - TCN
Tom Steck - TCN
Randy Stiver - VV
Jill Eales - NT
Action Items:

Each School should be working on the two following action items:
1. Gym time - contact school administrators and get commitments
for gym time for practices and games.  Need to know gym availiablity
to schedule games.  
 Signups - Need to know how many teams we will have in each age group
so that a schedule can be drawn up.  Report back to me by April 30.
So signups should start as soon as possible.
Note: Next meeting will be in early May.  Each school should have a person
 to be a central point of contact so that they can report the turnout/number
 of teams.  Also the PCYF gave grant money this winter for the girls winter
 basketball program.  There is about $300 left over.  So about $60 will
 be given to each Preble County school representative at the May meeting 
 to use as each school sees fit - defray gym or referee fees. etc.
Meeting minutes:
Grades 2-4; Same PCBA rules as last winter, 9 foot basket, 10 foot free 
throw line, 1/2 ct. defense, etc. 1 referee,
Grades 5-6;  OSHAA rules except for 1/2 court defense - no presses.  
6 minute qtrs.  2 referees per game.
Grades 7-8;  OSHAA rules.   6 minute qtrs. 2 referees.
A-B teams: If a school has enough turnout for 2 teams in a divison then 
each grade level must be mixed - no putting all 7th graders on one team, 
all 8th graders on another for instance, both the A and the B team must 
be mixed 7th and 8th.
Games should be Sunday afternoon if at all possible.  First Sunday game 
should start at 2pm.  Games will be played from the youngest division to 
the oldest.  If Sundays are not feasible then schools can schedule any 
weekday or Saturday.  
If both coaches agree a game can be rescheduled.  1 week notice is required.  
July 2 weekend no games.
League Administration fees - Probably will be $25 per team.  
Signups should start as early as possible so we can get an idea for 
the number of teams.  Each school can set their own signup fees
uniform fees/etc.  
Gate fees:  Gate fees for each school to pay for referees, gym time, etc.  
The home teams can charge a gate.  $1 per student, $2 per adult, 5$ per 
Referees:  At the end of each game each team pays for one referee.  
This winter the going rate was $20 per game.  In the 2-4 grade league, 
each team will pay $10 toward the referee.
Gym time:  
Each school must get their own gym time for games and practices.  
So contact your administration.  
Younger age groups can start practicing in May.  Due to OHSAA rules, 
the 7-8 grade teams cannot start until June 1.

Uniforms:  Most representatives agreed that t-shirts would be best.  
Each school can choose their own logo on front.  But each t-shirt 
must have a legal number on the back.  This years theme is:
"Championships are won in the summer".  
T-Shirt colors - Eaton - Purple, VV - blue, PS - Black, TCN - Grey, 
TVS - Red, NT - Orange.
Hold Harmless Agreements:
PCBA will distribute hold harmless agreements to protect both coaches 
and the league.

Chris Tilton
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