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Improving your basketball skills

Basketball is a finese sport, working on your game in the off season is important to being a good basketball player

Just some things to throw out to the parents and players who are really interested in basketball so that you can plan things out for the upcoming year. We really push basketball and running to our youngsters and try to keep the momentum up. Below are some things that you may want to think about attending to improve your players abilities. Some folks have heard me mention about other teams who go to camps and leagues as a team. Miamisburg 6th grade went to a team camp in KY. Ran into a group of 7-8 Minster Junior High Girls at UD's camp 2 years ago. So if a group of players is interested in a camp, I can try to call & see if they will give us a group rate.

College Camps: Although college camps are expensive we justify the cost by thinking that this is not only teaching them basketball, but also to expose them to a college campus, dorm, and just being away from home for a week. A lot of times seniors leave home for the first time for college. Once they get there, they are overwhelmed by it all. I can think of a few local students who left and came back before finishing their first term of college. Our thinking is that by exposing our children to a taste of college life, they will have an idea of what to expect by the time they are ready to leave for college. I do not believe that they gain $200 worth of basketball knowledge, but they do gain by being exposed to a taste of college life.
Day camps (6 days, 8am to 4pm) are $130+, Resident camps 6 days, stay on campus are $225+

Paying for camp: We use part of our tax refund to put down a substantial downpayment on each years running and basketball camps. This has worked well for our family budget (4 kids). Also we have used the commute option - particulary for younger players. Again if more than one player attends a day or commuter camp then families can rideshare.

Our Experiences: Chelsea and Vanessa have attended the UD camps and liked the earlier ones. Chelsea did not like the camp 2 years ago, thought that she didn't learn anything new. So Chelsea went to Dick Baumgartner's Girls bb shooting camp - she liked it. Several coaches, and even a co-worker has recommended this camp. drawback - expensive. TVS camp: Both daughters like Coach Robinson and have enjoyed her weeklong June day camps. affordable ($40 or so) - local.

Surge Fall League - This will be at the West Carrollton Junior High. It is a distance away, but if enough players go, parents can ride share. I was asked to coach a team in this league, so contact me in August if interested. No practices, just Sunday afternoon games to get in shape for the winter season. I have also heard that the Dayton Lady Hoopstars are doing a fall league, but have no details. http://www.daytonsurge.com/
Twin Valley South Camp - typically lasts a week in June, players meet in morning for 2-3 hours, cost $35 to $50. Drawback - only 5th grade on up.
Jaci Clark BB camp (UD) 937-229-4447
University of Dayton
300 College Park
Dayton, OH 45469-1229
Day camp 2-8th grade 7/13-16 ***** good value ***** $140
Resident camp (stay overnight) 3-12th grade $260
commute (just there during the day) $200
Miami Un. CaLL FOR INFO 529-2472 513 AREA CODE
Last year cost = $250 resident $210 commute
Wright STate call 937-873-2771 Last year cost = $240 res. $125 to commute
Dick Baumgartner's Girls bb shooting camp Will Bell said that this was an excellent camp when he went to school. Tried to get Vanessa to go... but she has made friends at UD. grade 6-12 (If you have a tall 5th grader, you can fudge a year on grade...) 965-966-4994 (right area code?) Last year cost = $268
Don Lane's Transylvania Basketball Camp Transylvania University Lexington, KY 40508 606-233-8270 (team rates)
Don Eddy camps and books.

AAU Basketball

AAU Basketball is tough, demanding basketball. The teams are organized in March, players attend weekend tournaments in April, May, & maybe the first week or two of June. There will be tryouts and 1 or 2 teams selected. Both Vanessa and Chelsea have played AAU basketball & it has improved their game. The girls teams break on the players age on January 1. So it is possible for girls in the same grade to be on different teams. So one 6th grader could be on the 11 year old team, another 6th grader who was born earlier would be moved up to the 12 year old team. Again this would be based on the girls age on January 1 - NOT their school year. Age groups start at 10 (older 4th graders and most 5th graders) and go up to 18.)

1. Cost - it costs at least $200 - $300+ out of pocket to get on a team. There are hidden costs, gas to and from practices, games ( we have practiced at Jefferson HS, West Carrollton, and Kettering Fairmont, tournaments were in Cincy, Dayton, Columbus), Food - you will eat out a lot over the weekends. Motel is optional, we stayed overnight one time (by our choice).
2. Time - Your weekends will be shot in April and May. You may play 3, 4, or even 5 games in a weekend. If it is an out of town tournament, you will lose the entire weekend a lot of times. Friday nights, Saturdays, and Sundays.
3. Dedication - From my experience it takes a lot of dedication from both the player and the family to make this work.

Benefits: 1. Your player will practice & play with the best. Last season they played 25 games - a lot of experience against almost any zone defense, press, press break, and offense that you can think of.

Those of you who saw Jackie Cox in the fall, saw how good she is - she was on Chelsea's team. She was first string, dropped to second, improved her game and finished the season as a starter. As well as Chelsea has been playing, she was second string on that 10U team. Chelsea was on the 'A' 11u team this past season. The Surge should have enough coaches for an 'A', 'B', and some 'C' teams in all age groups. So there should be some room for a few average as well as above average players.

Even if you are on the fence over this, I encourage you to take your player to the tryouts. Some of the best 10, 11, 12 year old players (depending on your players age) will be there. They can measure their skills against some of the other players and see where they are at. It will give them some idea of how good they need to be if they want to play at the next level. Most clubs now charge ($10-$15) for tryouts, some of the smaller clubs are free. Belinda Cox sent me an email before Jackie's first season inquiring about AAU basketball. My reply was pretty much the above. And I think that is pretty much tells it like it is - both the good and the bad, no sugar coating. Surge web page is listed above with fall leagues.

I am affiliated with the Surge, but feel free to contact other clubs. My basketball home page has links to several other clubs from the Dayton area. Tryouts are generally in March, so start contacting them in mid-February. There are some clubs in Richmond, but I don't have any contact info currently.

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