Preble Shawnee Girls Junior High Basketball

Information for the team and parents.

Important Dates

Summer Camp June 2-6 6pm to 8pm

Summer league - first practice Thursday, June 5. first game Sunday, June 8th  

Summer Basketball Information


I will prepare and some day my chance will come.

Other Off Season Activities

Spring/Fall. The Kingdom Sports Center has off season activities and not only has AAU teams, but also has leagues in the offseason: AAU

Summer. Also Miami University, University of Dayton, and Wright State generally have summer camps for students. Visit their websites for dates and prices.

Water Bottles Please have your athlete bring a water bottle to all games. If is is a generic water bottle, put their initials on it. We don't have much time during timeouts and so this will save them from running to the water fountain.

Uniform Care

1. Never place the uniform in a dryer. The letters and numbers can be heat sensitive. Let them air dry.

2. Keep the uniform in the same place. At our house, we learned to hang up all uniforms in the same location every time. That way you are not frantically looking thru drawers, laundry hampers, or under the bed to find a game jersey.

Team Schedules