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Tigers Take Panthers

J. C. Tilton


Turnovers and lost opportunities hurt TVS in their game against Ansonia.  South had two drives that went deep into Tiger territory only to end in interceptions.   Another opportunity slipped away when Ansonia had a poor punt that would have given the Panthers the ball around the Ansonia 35 yard line.  But a roughing the kicker call allowed the Tigers to wiggle off the hook with a fresh set of downs.


Ansonia's first drive was vintage Tiger ball. A 20 play drive that went almost the length of the field and chewed up over 10 minutes of clock.  They did make a gutsy play call on that drive when Ansonia went for it on 4th and inches on their own 20 yard line and made it. Ansonia punched in their first score early in the second quarter.  South tried to answer and advanced the Ansonia 25 yard line where an interception ended their drive.  Ansonia was able to mix the run and pass and make it 14-0 on a Beisner 7 yard TD run just before halftime.


The Panthers made some halftime adjustments and the defense stymied the Tigers. I don't know that they managed more than one first down in the third quarter.  And TVS drove the ball into Ansonia territory where a Josh Flynn to Corey Bassler pass set up a quarterback keeper for South's first score of the night.  It was 14-7 at the end of the 3rd quarter.


Ansonia made some adjustments of their own and on their next drive Fasnacht broke away for Ansonia's longest run of the night with a 32 yard TD run. The Tigers had wiggled out of danger again and reextended their lead 22-7.  Later in the quarter the Tigers would add a 25 yard field goal. South had the last score of the night - Corey Bassler caught a Flynn pass on the 22 yard line. South called his number again and this time struck paydirt. But the curtain closed on South as their final drive simply ran out of clock at midfield.