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North on Right Track
J. C. Tilton

I was able to pay a visit to a tri-meet hosted by TCN this past Friday. The three teams were Bethel, TVS, and TCN. Originally a quad meet, Ansonia chose not to attend. But after the county meet, it was a relaxed way to end the week. The South teams were at a disadvantage. The South band was attending a competition and this riddled the ranks of the boys and girls teams. The North girls team had to pull out of two relays because of injury.

After the meet though I was able to talk to the coach of both the boys and girls teams at TCN, Lisa Filburn. First I asked about the evening, “We had a good meet, the kids did well. We put some kids in events that they don't normally get to run in. At the big invitationals you can only put 2 kids in an event and you can only put in your fastest two. Shelly Siebel did have a personal best by 17 seconds in the 3200m run.” Next she spoke about this spring, “Overall we are more well rounded as a team this season, with distance and with sprinters. Before it seemed like we always had either sprinters or distance runners. But this year we are getting depth all the way around, so that we can score more points total. In the field events we are doing well at the shot, long jump and high jump - our pole vaulters are doing well this year.”

Bethel won the boys and girls overall at the tri-meet, I asked if they were the team to beat in the CCC this year, “Bethel will be the competition, South is going to be right behind them, it is going to be close this year with all the teams that are doing good. Finally, I asked about the 4 years she has been at the helm of track, “When I started 4 years ago, we only had about 20 kids come out, and that is for both the girls and boys teams. Now the program is built up to where we have about 42 kids out between both teams this year. Now it is coaching to put up the most points instead of just letting them run the events what they want.” This years team is still relatively young. And this season, North is not a team to be taken lightly. They have been scoring well in the invitationals - looks like this team is on track and should only get better. Comments:

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