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1216tvsnew54 Brittany Hayes shoots a jumpshot, she would score a game high 17 against Newton.

1216tvsnew57 Kali DuChemin releases a shot.

1216tvsnew59 Debbie Brubaker scores 12 points against Newton.

1216tvsnew61 South's Brittany Hayes in action against Newton.

1216tvsnew62 Debbie Brubaker shoots from the baseline.

1216tvsnew64 Megan Durkle(14) scores on a breakaway layup, Jennifer Bambeck(10) trails.

1216tvsnew68 Brittany Hayes puts up a shot in traffic.

1216tvsnew69_GOOD Dany Lipps penetrates and shoots.

1216tvsnew70 Kali DuChemin appears to take a shot to the chops on this layup.

1216tvsbr73 Brittany Hayes shoots as she is surrounded by Indians.

1216tvsbr74 Freshman point guard Debbie Brubaker looks over the defense as she brings the ball downcourt.

1216tvsbr78 Sophomore Jennifer Bambeck in action against Newton.

1216tvsnew80 Tiffany Stone fights to get off a shot against Indian pressure. Kim Deleranko(22),






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