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Dixie Visits Madison
J. C. Tilton

This past Friday the Dixie boys varsity team visited the Madison Mohawks for a league game. Dixie opened in a zone and Madison countered with a 4 out, 1 in offensive set. This opened up the outside for Madison and they hit some outside shots, causing Dixie to fall into a man to man defense about midway thru the 2nd quarter. Rebounds were a problem early for Dixie. At the offensive end, they had several possessions where they got off a single shot, missed, and the Mohawks got the rebound. But in the second half, Dixie adjusted and was more aggressive on the boards.

At halftime the score sat at Madison 30, Dixie 24. And Dixie was having problems making up ground against the Mohawks. They did claw their way back to within 3 points of the Mohawks, but gave ground. Finally late in the third quarter they went to a trapping defense. But at the end of the quarter they were down by 8. It was also worth noting that at the end of the 3rd quarter that Dixie had been called for 8 fouls, giving Madison an early bonus, while Madison only had been called for one foul the entire quarter.

Dixie applied steady full court pressure in the last quarter, but Madison remained poised and extended their lead. Dixie had problems finding the basket, and when the buzzer sounded Dixie had fallen, 67-47.

Coach Etter had some statements after the game, “We've got some internal issues right now. We're a better team than this. Right now we are not a team. We have to get everything flowing together. They are much better players than they are playing right now.” Coach Etter admitted that the team had a lack of depth, partially due to a season ending injury to a post player. Plus there are only 3 guys with varsity experience. He still felt that the they should have been a ”better team in 3rd and 4th quarter.” When asked about rebounding, he mentioned that a lack of height is a problem and the team is working on trying to get people inside to rebound and the need to enter the ball in to the post on offense. Coach Etter mentioned that, “This was the first start for Crowe, he did a good job.”

Scoring for the Greyhounds: Poynter 1, Eldred 15, Adams 5, Crowe 7, McBain 3, Spahr 14, Cummins 2. Upcoming games for the Greyhounds: Dec. 10 home vs. Waynesville, Dec. 11 at TCN. Comments:

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