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Dixie is working hard and getting better.
J. C. Tilton

Dixie has a young team composed primarily of sophomores and juniors, but the players are working hard and getting better according to head coach Randy Etler. During the off season the varsity boys had to work around the new school construction. So weightlifting and getting access to the gym have been problems during the off season. However, the coach was happy with the teams participation in the TVS summer league and also the Wittenberg team camp. Coach Etler felt that the team developed well in the summer and grew as players despite their lack of varsity experience.

Senior Rob Kozlowski, 6'4” post player, is expected to perform well this season. He is 3 year varsity player. Coach Etler mentioned that the team is ‘Looking for big things from him” this season. Zack Eldred, a junior, moved to varsity around mid January of last season. So he is returning with valuable varsity experience at the guard position. John Bowman, senior point guard, and Ben Sanders are expected to round out the starting 5. The number one improvement the boys need to make is team defense according to the head coach. Also the new varsity players need to get used to playing at this level. The goals of this team are to “Play hard every night and cover every man on the floor.” Keys to the season: Dixie is the small school division of the SWBL, which will still be a tough division to play in. The young players will need to ramp up quickly to play at the varsity level. Having a strong post player is a plus, but the team will need to be able to hit from the outside to keep teams honest. The bench will also be a key to the season. When the starting 5 need a breather, the young replacements will need to give the team some quality minutes.


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