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Halloween No Treat for TVS
J. C. Tilton

On Halloween night the TVS volleyball team played in the district final game against always tough Jackson Center. This matchup has not been favorable to South in the past as Jackson Center has upended South's title hopes several times in the state playoffs. Each time leaving South as a runner up to their championship.

The first set saw Jackson Center gradually build a lead. TVS did take a time out midway thru the match when they were down 10-15 to stop the momentum, but JC went on to win easily 25-16. It may have the playoff jitters for the young team playing against the 4th ranked team in the state, or the new scheme that coach Roberts put together for this game. But the result was that South was ineffective in the first match.

In the second match, South went back to the tried and true scheme that got them to the playoffs. South got an early lead and were up 9-6 when JC took a time out. Jackson Center got a momentum change and went up, leading 15-12 at one point. But South showed grit by battling back and tying the score at 21, then the score tied again at 23. The fans for both teams were making noise as the teams battled for game point. But the advantage would fall to Jackson Center as they would win the closely contested 2nd match 26-24.

The third match again saw TVS gain an early 7-3 lead. But JC chipped away at the lead, tied, and then slowly pulled away from TVS. In the last half of the match the TVS team faded and Jackson Center would again be a nemesis for South, making them bridesmaids once again as District runners up. Still Coach Roberts was pleased with the teams regular season record - only allowing 2 losses. In her post game comments Roberts stated, “Happy to be here; we had them on the ropes in game two, but missed assignments, execution, cost us that match. Tough to come back against this caliber of team.” She was still pleased with the effort of the team overall. When asked to comment on the teams two seniors, Bethany Garrett and Cristina Smith she stated - “It comes full circle for them. They were ball girls in the playoffs when they were 8th graders”. They also can be pleased that the team has the best regular season record in school history and just being here is an accomplishment.

Next coach Roberts was asked to comment about the other end of the spectrum - the three freshman on the team. “First year that the freshman class had to come in and take starting roles. [TVS] Never had 3 freshman on the varsity squad before.” She went on to say that local JO (Junior Olympic) volleyball helped contribute to the success of the three freshman who all played in the local organization. Looking ahead Coach Roberts intends to focus on a faster tempo style of play for next season and with only 2 seniors leaving the team, she plans to reload next fall. Comments:

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