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1030tvsjc08 Dani Lipps tries to spike the ball over the hands of the Jackson Center blockers. Brittany Hayes(8), Debbie Brubaker(4).

1030tvsjc09 Kate McCollum spikes the ball. Debbie Brubaker(4)

1030tvsjc10 South cheering section at the District final.

1030tvsjc17 Maggie McCollum in action against Jackson Center.

1030tvsjc20_GOOD Katie McCollum fires the ball across the net. Maggie McCollum(12).

1030tvsjc21 Katie McCollum reaches way back on this spike.

1030tvsjc23 Dany Lipps zips the ball across the net.

1030tvsjc28 Dany Lipps in action during the District Finals.

1030tvsjc31 Kate McCollum makes a dig.

1030tvsjc40_GOOD Kate McCollum tries to get the ball past the Jackson Center blockers. Katie McCoy(14), Debbie Brubaker(4), Bethany Garrett(7).

1030tvsjc45_GOOD Freshman Katie McCoy serves during the District final.

1030tvsjc49 Volleyball action during the TVS - Jackson Center match. Kate McCollum(10), Debbie Brubaker(4), Katie McCoy(14),Bethany Garrett(7)

1030tvsjc50 Dany Lipps returns a serve. Christina Smith(1).

1030tvsjc52 Dany Lipps and Debbie Brubaker are intense and focussed as they wait for the serve.

1030tvsjc54 Kate McCollum in mid-spike.

1030tvsjc59 Brittany Hayes(8) and Maggie McCollum(12) go for a block.

1030tvsjc65_COVER Twin Valley South Volleyball - District Runners Up.


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