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TCN is looking up
J. C. Tilton

The TCN girls are looking for 2nd year basketball coach Molly Stammen to get the program back to respectability. This summer she began taking her first steps to do this. She ran a week long camp, held open gyms, and participating in a local summer basketball league. Turnout was spotty due to JO volleyball, softball, and so forth. However, interest has picked up as the season draws nearer. They have been having open gyms this fall and she is satisfied with the attendance.

The coach noted that the team lost its leading scorer Jessica O'Dell, who averaged 18 points per game. However, she has 3 starters back - Courtney Wilson, Alex Savage, and Sara Oldham. She is also counting on senior Rachael Ward and in the post: juniors Candice Eastep and Candy Croley. “The team is not big, but it is fast.”, noted coach Stammen. “There is no one top scorer, but we are looking for someone to step forward.” Another plus for this season, is that it is the second year under her system, so the girls come in knowing what to do.

The coach is wanting to improve on several areas in November. Number one is getting the team to work together and execute their offense properly. Also turnovers have been a problem. The team also needs offensive rebounding, “we need to get 2-3-4 shots if we need them on offense.” Lastly Stammen wants to improve foul shooting. “We lost 6-7 games last year for lack of consistent foul shooting.”

When asked about goals for the season, Coach Stammen immediately responded, “I want to be over .500, a winning record.” Secondarily, she would like to make it past the first round of the tournament. Some other team goals including getting at least two people scoring in double digits that other teams can't key on a single player. She also want to develop “...two powerhouses at rebounding.” Also get all of the players to finish their shots, and finally be able to shoot “inside-outside.” In other words, be able to score close to the basketball, but still be able to hit the outside shot if the other team takes that away from you.

Keys to the season for North: Lack of height will be a problem, but if there is good team quickness that can make up some of the difference. The coach has a good game plan as far as what area's need improvement to make a chronically losing North team competitive again. The question will be: There is a lot of work to be done, can these girls improve fast enough before the first tipoff to be competive.


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