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1029tvsmv32 Robby Lakes(45) fights for some hard earned yards against the BlackHawks. Lyle Johnson(33), Jared Precht(51), Scott Leedy(22).

1029tvsmv36 Robby Lakes carries against the BlackHawks.

1029tcncov40 Lyle Johnson is ready to hit his hole.

1029tcncov41 Lyle Johnson is high stepping as he eluded two BlackHawk defenders.

1029tvsmv46 Bryan Nuse has to stretch waaaay out to make this tackle.

1029tvsmv47 BlackHawk Brandon William is surround by Panthers. Bryan Nuse(41), Joel Stearman(77), Eli Montgomery(6), Jared Precht(51), JT Stone(8), Chad Wentlender(31).

1029tvsmv48 Anthony Armstrong(2) is about to take one for the team.

1029tvsmv51 Gary Strong(5) runs behind the blocking of Brandon Wiseman(78).

1029tvsmv52 South defense is all over Levi Wicker(89). Andy Collins(82), Scott Leedy(22), Brandon Wiseman(78), Jeremy Bass(24).

1029tvsmv53 The last huddle for South in 2004.



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