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1029tcncov03 TCN's Brett Landis carries on a sweep against Covington.

1029tcncov07 Brett Landis hits the brakes as he tries to find a way around this Buccaneer defender.

1029tcncov09 North's Austin Grey pressures the Buccaneer quarterback.

1029tcncov11 Josh Linder scrambles to stay out of the endzone as he looks for an open reciever.

1029tcncov13 North defenders standup a Covington runningback. Brett Landis(33), Matt Ferguson(44), Steve Oswalt(51).

1029tcncov18 Kevin Dolan goes deep for a pass.

1029tcncov20 TCN defenders converge on the ball. Drew Heindel(20), AJ Summers(64), Reno Hartman(21).

1029tcncov24 Justin Kessler(50) runs interference for Drew Heindel(20).





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