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Dixie plays strong in the House.
J. C. Tilton

The Hounds have had some good games in New Lebanon this season. The team really responds to the hometown crowd. The last game of season for Dixie was against the Northridge Polar Bears. Despite 4 first half turnovers, Dixie was able to score early and often. One TD was scored with “The House” offense, where lineman Craig Metcalf moves to the backfield to pound the defense. Metcalf scored on a 3 yard TD run. The defense held well, but had two breakdowns that allowed Northridge to score each time. Still it was a solid victory for Dixie as they would win 26-12. The coach mentioned that several drives were stalled when young players made mistakes - they would have 2 solid plays, then another play where someone would miss an assignment and leave them in a long yardage situation. With better execution, they could have scored more often. Todd Mitchell lead the team rushing with 107 yards, Chad Kraft passed for 127 yards, mostly to Ben Spahr.

Coach Mike Bullock was happy that the “seniors went out winning.” When asked about his first season at the helm, coach Bullock immediately mentioned that he was greatly appreciative of the support from the players, their parents, and administration. He felt that the young team learned every game. The team was handicapped as they had limited access to workout facilities due to the new school construction. Currently strength training has been moved to a trailer, but early in the season there was no access to weight equipment at all. The team hopes to have access to a proper weightroom sometime this spring. One of the goals for next season is to have the players be stronger and faster. The team ends the season with a 3-7 record. But they are only losing a few seniors, and most of the under classman are coming back with loads of Varsity experience.


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