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Changing the Banner
J. C. Tilton

“One of the goals this season is to change the banner.” stated TVS girls head coach Darcy Robinson. The banner she is referring to is the girls basketball banner in the gym. There is one league title listed and one district. This season coach Robinson would like to change one or both categories. “We have 6 games in the first 2 weeks of the season, it is critical that we come out hard” If South can do well early, the coach feels that they can be a league contender with Franklin Monroe or Covington.

Last years team finished strong, 8-2 over the last 10 games. With no seniors on last years team, all of the starters are back. She is expecting the teams experience to be a factor towards their success. Amanda Moore, Jennifer Davis, Megan Maleski, and Jessica McMurray are all 3 year letter winners. The team will also have size and experience in the post. McMurray, 6'1" Davis, and Dani Lipps will be expected to do well in the paint. The off season was a success in the summer, September and early October there were no open gyms. In the summer, they included junior high players in the open gyms for the first time. Coach Robinson was pleased with the young players who attended. Varsity turnout was good the local team camp as well as team camps at various colleges. Robinson noted that the Purdue camp was tough and physical. “It was an eye opener to the girls that we needed to get more physical if we wanted to be successful. It was good to see our girls respond to that style of play.”

This preseason Robinson is working on playing a more tenacious defense. The team saw how teams played a tough defense at Purdue and likewise South needs to play a tough ˝ court defense. Another team emphasis is to be more consistent shooters. In the words of Robinson, “ be able score well as a team night after night.”

Keys to the season will be getting out to that fast start. Sure last year's team ended the season 8-2, but were also slow out of the blocks - going 2-8 in the first half of the season. Also the first 5 starters are solid, but the Panther 6, 7, 8 players need to put in quality minutes so the starters can rest for South to be able to compete with the league elite.


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