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Air Attack not enough for TVS.
J. C. Tilton

TVS took on a determined Missinniwa Valley team. Both teams were hoping to end their respective seasons with a victory. The Panther defense was able to recover a fumble on the opening drive. So initially it looked like momentum might swing their way. But a quarterback sack and a holding penalty later, TVS was staring at 3rd and 26. After punting, special teams allowed the BlackHawks to return the ball to the TVS 36. But the defense held and on 4th and three, they denied the first down. TVS now tried to establish the pass. But a pass was caught and fumbled to the Blackhawks at the TVS 42. Again the defense had to work with their backs against the wall, but again they held on 4th and 2.

This series TVS went with a new look on offense. At times they went with a one back or no back set - spreading receivers across the field. On this drive the offense worked. Betzner had a first down catch, Unger ran for another first, and finally Jobe Hickey caught an 18 yard catch from Kyle Rehmert to put the ball on the 21 yard line. The BlackHawk defense bent, but now it did not break as they held TVS for 4 plays and took over on downs. Now it was the BlackHawks turn to test the secondary by mixing in the pass and they advanced the ball deep into TVS territory. But now the clock showed only 24 seconds left in the half and it was 4th down. A receiver broke loose and caught a 19 yard TD pass to put the BlackHawks up 6-0 as both teams went to their locker rooms to regroup.

In the second half the TVS defense had to make another stand early in the 3rd quarter. The ball was advanced to about the 15, but on 4th and 3 TVS stuffed the runner for no gain. Jobe Hickey caught back to back Kyle Rehmert passes the first for 30 yards, the second for 14 yards. This put the ball on the 37 yard line. But on 4th and 7, TVS threw an interception, putting an end to this threat. Now it was the 4th quarter, both teams exchanged possessions and punted. But on South's second possession they did a double pass - Rehmert to Unger to Hickey. This brought the ball out to midfield. But just when things starting rolling for South, they were snake bit again, this time fumbling the ball away at midfield. The BlackHawks took advantage of the field position and were able to run the ball in for another score to go up 12-0.

With about 5 minutes left in the game, TVS began another drive down the field. Finally a Jobe Hickey catch put the ball on the 24 yardline, but that was as close as South would get as the stingy BlackHawk defense ended the drive on downs. The South passing game was strong between the 20's, and the defense made some good stands, they just had 2 breakdowns at critical times. Ray Buchanon and Will Nelson lead the team in tackles. Kyle Rehmert and Jobe Hickey probably had their best passer - receiver game of the season as far as yardage. South ends the season with a 1-9 record, Missinniwa Valley 4-6.


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