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1023tvsan02 TVS Junior High Cheerleading Corp.

1023tvsan03 TVS runner Matt Wentlender has nothing but green grass in front of him.

1023tvsan05 Miles McCollum passes from the pocket during the junior high TVS - Ansonia game.

1023tvsan07_GOOD This Tiger ball carrier becomes a Panther sandwich.

1023tvsans08 Panther vs Tiger

1023tvsan09 Tyler Cunningham turns upfield after catching a Miles McCollum pass.

1023tvsan11 Matt Wentlender on his long carry that would set up a Cunningham TD.

1023tvsan12_GOOD The ball careens away after Roy Wysong(12) knocks it away from this Tiger reciever.
1023tvsan14 TVS Junior High Cheerleaders root for the home team during Saturdays TVS - Ansonia game.

1023tvsan17 Tyler Cunningham works for more yardage after making a catch.

1023tvsan18 TVS defenders cut off this Ansonia sweep. Skylar Recker(33), Matt Wentlender(23), Eric Walker(88)

1023tvsan20 Mason Jones runs for first down yardage.

1023tvsan24 Tyler Cunningham(5) gives this Tiger a Panther hug. Eric Walker(88)

1023tvsan25 A Tiger throw into triple coverage means an interception for Skylar Recker(33) . Miles McCollum(14), Roy Wysong(12).

1023tvsan26 Panthers on the attack as Skylar Recker(33) runs back an interception. Matt Wentlender(23), Roy Wysong(12).

1023tvsan28 Skylar Recker tries to shake a Tiger off his leg.

1023tvsan30_GOOD Tyler Cunningham fights for this jump ball as the referee throws a flag for pass interference.

1023tvsan33 TVS ball carrier Matt Wentlender is having trouble finding the handle on the ball, but has no trouble finding the endzone on this TD carry.
1023tvsan34 Matt Wentlender shakes off one Tiger defender and would get around two more on this touchdown carry. Mason Jones(31).

1023tvsan35 Miles McCollum zero's in on the endzone on a quarterback keeper. Eric Walker(88), AJ Bantz(54), Mike (Tank) Patterson(99), Matt Wentlender(23).

1023tvsan37_GOOD Matt Wentlender makes a key 2nd half interception. Tyler Cunningham(5), Michael Pack.

1023tvsan38 Tyler Cunningham is about to run into a little Tiger trouble. Miles McCollum(14).

1023tvsan41 Matt Wentlender dishes out a stiff arm.

1023tvsan42 Roy Wysong and Mason Jones make the tackle.

1023tvsan43 Panthers put a stop to this pass.

1023tvsan44 Tyler Cunningham is off to races.

1023tvsan45 Michael Pack(41) steps up in the 4th quarter.

1023tvsan47 Matt Wentlender scores the tying TD with 1:04 left in the game.

1023tvsan49_GOOD Matt Wentlender kicks the winning PAT.

1023tvsan50 Roy Wysong drives thru the runner on this tackle.






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