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Blue Devils throw Greyhounds for a Loss
J. C. Tilton

The pass was not kind to the Dixie Greyhounds on Friday night. On both offense and defense the pass would cause problems for the team. In the first quarter the teams sparred back and forth but with seconds to go in the quarter Brookville was able to score first to go up 7-0. On the ensuing kickoff, the Greyhounds had problems fielding a deep Jack VanZant kickoff and stepped out of bounds at their own 3 yard line. The Greyhounds tried to pass their way out this hole, but the Blue Devil defense was ready and picked off the throw. It was a short run back and suddenly the Hounds were down by two scores.

On their next possession Chad Craft dropped back to pass and found no one open. He scrambled thru the Brookville defense and wove 74 yards for a Dixie TD. The Brookville team was undeterred and promptly marched the ball down the field during their possession capping the drive with a TD pass of about 30 yards to go up 21-7. But on their next drive Dixie coughed up the ball again. Another pick was ran back for a TD. Then just before the half Brookville tossed another TD pass into the endzone for a 34-7 half time lead. David Huber fell on a Brookville fumble to put an end to another Brookville drive But the first half turnovers and lapses on defense really put the Greyhounds in a hole.

Ethan Owens tried to spark Dixie on the first carry of the second half. He raced about 60 yards to plant the ball on the Brookville 28. But again the pass would not be kind to the Greyhounds as a 4th down and goal pass was picked off and ran back to midfield. That was last real threat by the Greyhounds as the Brookville defense locked down Dixie for the rest of the game. The Greyhound defense limited Brookville to a pair of Jack VanZant field goals. When the final whistle blew it was 40-7 in favor of Brookville.


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