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1022dixbr01 Dixie Greyhounds take the field on senior night.

1022dixbr05 Dixie's David Huber(77) and Ryan Peak(63) make a critical 3rd down stop.

1022dixbr09 Ben Spahr finds this pass too hot to handle.

1022dixbr11_GOOD A pack of Hounds puts a stop to this Blue Devil run. David Woodgeard(53), Heath Lukacs(55), Nick Miller(12).

1022dixbr13 David Huber(77) goes nose to nose with a Blue Devil ball carrier. Heath Lukacs(55).

1022dixbr14 Tyler Wilson finds some running room.

1022dixbr16 Chad Craft makes a pass against the Blue Devils.

1022dixbr17 Chad Craft scrambles for first down yardage. Nick Miller(12).

1022dixbr18 Ethan Owens carries for the Greyhounds.

1022dixbr20 Chad Craft is flushed from the pocket, but will weave his way thru the defense for a TD on this play.

1022dixbr26 Dixie defenders put an end to this run.

1022dixbr32 Dixie band about to leave the home field for the last time on senior night.

1022dixbr33 Ethan Owens runs thru a huge hole that the Greyhound line has opened up. He would run for over 60 yards on this carry.

1022dixbr36 Dixie ballcarrier Tyler Wilson gains first down yardage.

1022dixbr37 Chad Craft evades a Brookville tackler.

1022dixbr41 Greyhounds gang tackle this Blue Devil ball carrier.

1022dixbr43_GOOD Brookville kicker Jack VanZant had a busy night, kicking two field goals and several extra points.

1022dixbr45 Quarterback Chad Craft calls his own number on this play. David Huber(77),




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