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1018tcnoak03 Bethany Miller sends back the ball with some velocity.

1018tcnoak11 Becca Steck spikes from midcourt.

1018tcnoak15 North player slams one past the blockers.

1018tcnoak17 TCN blockers

1018tcnoak19 TCN's Bethany Miller has some air under her feet on this spike.

1018tcnoak29 TCN player passes to set up a spike.

1018tcnoak34 Bethany Miller in action against Oakwood.

1018tcnoak36 Bethany Miller rockets one back across the net.

1018tcnoak38 North player punches one back to the Jills.

1018tcnoak40 TCN players try for the block against the Jills.

1018tcnoak48 Rejected! The Oakwood defense is tough as evidenced by this blocked spike.

1018tcnoak49_GOOD North's Becca Steck is poised in midair as she is about to rip one back to the Jills.

1018tcnoak50 Bethany Miller's arm is a blur on this spike.

1018tcnoak52 Bethany Miller from TCN zips back one of many spikes against Oakwood.

1018tcnoak53 Bethany Miller tries for the block.


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