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Preble Shawnee sent to the pound by the Dogs.
J. C. Tilton

The West Milton Bulldogs took on the Preble Shawnee Arrows on a cool crisp October night. There was just enough moisture to make the grass damp at game time. But that did not slow down the Bulldogs as they amassed 32 points against Preble Shawnee. They mixed in the pass from time to time, but the running game did the damage. Preble Shawnee had a tough time moving the ball and solid West Milton special teams play made the Arrows start their drives inside the 20 yard line several times. Preble Shawnee's lone TD was set up by a Robbie Cottingim interception. He had a decent run back which put the Arrow's deep into Bulldog territory. Then Owen Powell had a long carry and made a nice cut against the grain to score easily. The extra point was good as quarterback John Keller called his own number and scored on a keeper.


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