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1015tvsan40 Wes Bassler and company put an end to this sweep. Bryan Nuse(41), Robby Lakes(45)

1015tvsan41 Anthony Armstrong is flushed from the pocket but makes positive yards. John Smith(73).

1015tvsan43_GOOD Panther Defense makes a stop. Wes Bassler(34), Bryan Nuse(41), Derek Smith(40), Josh Flynn(7).

1015tvsan46 Chad Wentlender returns a kickoff. Joe Maleski(88)

1015tvsan50 Gary Strong(5) returns a kick during the TVS - Ansonia game.

1015tvsan51 Josh Flynn calls out the count. Caleb Fee(70), Brandon Wiseman(78), Devin Eisenhour(11).

1015tvsan54 Josh Flynn sets up to throw.


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