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1015tvsmv09 TCN Homecoming King and Queen - Reno Hartman and Brittany Dunham.
1015tvsmv11 TCN Homecoming banner.

1015tvsmv12 Panthers charge onto the field for Homecoming 2004.

1015tvsmv14 North's Matt Zumstein returns a kick for good yardage against the BlackHawks.

1015tvsmv15 TCN ball carrier Brett Landis

1015tvsmv19 North quarterback Josh Linder sets to pass.

1015tcnmv22 Brett Landis goes head to head against BlackHawk Josh Anquiano.

1015tcnmv24 Josh Linder runs the quarterback sneak for big yardage. Kurt Moneysmith(40).

1015tcnmv26 Sam Mullins makes a catch for first down yardage.

1015tcnmv28 BlackHawk heels are against the goalline as North's Josh Linder checks his line. Brett Landis 33, Matt Zumstein 32, Seth Taylor 68, and Austin Grey 71.

1015tcnmv32 Reno Hartman returns a kickoff against the Blackhawks.

1015tcnmv33_GOOD Brett Landis finds a crease in the Blackhawk defense and goes 37 yards for a TD.



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