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Waynesville Over Dixie
J. C. Tilton

Dixie ran headlong into a buzz saw on Friday night. Waynesville has had some key victories this season, notably a win over D3 Eaton, who are no slouches picking up a big victory last Friday over D2 Bellbrook. So they had a strong, formidable team coming into the game. Dixie had a rough time getting their offense on track until the second half. Turnovers and penalties hamstrung their efforts in the early going.

It was homecoming night for the Greyhounds and in pregame ceremonies Ben Spahr and Brittany Hauser were crowned king and queen. The celebration did not last long for the Hounds. On their opening drive, Waynesville quickly drove the ball down the field and scored to go up 6-0. On the Dixie possession a sack left them in 3rd and long, forcing a punt. Dixie was able to snag an errant Spartan pass on their own 21, but it was not a good night for the Hounds as they turned the ball right back over to the Spartans, giving them a short field. In this drive Waynesville converted on a 4th down play and would complete a 30 yard pass for another TD. The next drive by Dixie also ended in an turnover when a pass was intercepted. A few runs and a couple of long passes later and Waynesville was up 21-0 to end the first quarter.

Waynesville did recover an onsides kick, but this time the Hounds were resolute and made them punt. From their own 20, Dixie doggedly went to work. Bellman made a first down catch, Miller was able to sneak for a first down and scramble for another. When they got to midfield the turnover bug bit again and another interception ended the drive. Waynesville was able to cross the goal line twice more to go up 35-0 at the half. In the second half Dixie did hold Waynesville scoreless while Nick Worley scored on an 8 yard run.

Coach Genslinger stated that the bottom fell out in the first quarter for the team. “What train ran over us.” The turnovers and penalties did hurt the offense, but he had to give credit to a tough Waynesville team. When I pointed out the first half interceptions, he responded that those are from the team - not any individual. Next week Dixie hosts Carlisle.


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