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Anna Rockets by Dixie
J. C. Tilton

The Dixie Greyhounds did not catch any breaks in the state tournament. They drew number one seed Anna in the first round. The front line of Anna was very tough. Dixie had a rough time getting the ball past their blockers. When they did the second row for Anna did a good job of digging out their spikes. The first match went pretty much as expected as Anna won handily 25-9.

Dixie got their composure back and showed resolve in the second set. Suddenly it was Anna that allowing balls to drop and making mistakes. Dixie went on the attack and Emily Kirby aced several serves and the rest of the team got in some timely spikes. Dixie stayed close and was only down by 3, 18-15. Anna survived the scare and went on to made some good plays and won 25-17. It was their last hurrah, Dixie seemed to have spent any momentum that they had from game two, while Anna put their pedal to the metal and went on to win the last match 25-6.

When I asked Coach May about the tough luck of going against the number one seed, she responded, “I was very proud of my girls, no one expected us to score 17 against a number one seed. They didn't come in here and just get whipped on, they showed a lot of heart. We had three freshmen play today.” I asked Coach May about the season. I asked about the slow start, but then the team seemed to catch on and get some victories. “We weren't playing as a team, we were trying out different people in different places. We had several close games that we lost. We just couldn't seem to finish. I was proud of the team against Waynesville, we took them to 5 games. No other team did that but Brookville.” It is worth noting that Dixie just had one senior this season - Abby Witt. And played with 3 freshman. Coach May is optimistic about the future. She feels that the team was better than their record reflected and with almost everyone back for next year the team will be able to compete even better.


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