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Volleyball Tournament - Brookville Bracket.

Two CCC teams played in Brookville on Saturday. Tri Count North was up to bat in the 1:15pm game. Their opponent was Northridge from the SWBL. North was slow getting started in both of the first two matches. They woke up and caught Northridge in the first set to win 25-17. But in the second set they had to play catch up the whole set, finally tying at 22, only to fall 23-25.

In the third set, North seemed to be going long on their spikes and Northridge stepped aside and let them hit out of bounds. They stayed close to Northridge, but kept playing from behind just like before. TCN had a nice rally where they tied the score at 18. But as in the second set, Northridge rallied down the stretch and won 21-25. In the 4th set, North set the tone. They lead almost the whole way and won decisively 25-18. It looked like the team had the momentum going into the final set.

Instead it was Northridge that pulled ahead. At one time leading 3-9. North seemed to be shaken up and never did recover their confidence. There were several miscues. It was hard to come back from such a deficit and they did not catch up, finally losing 8-15. It was a frustrating way to end the season.

On the other hand, number one seed Anna had an easy time of it against their opponent. Dixie has only won 4 matches this year, although they have lost some close ones. Still the front line play of Anna clearly overpowered Dixie. The Greyhounds had a rough time attacking, when they did get the ball past the net, the diggers were ready. Kelli Barhost and Diane Albers were instrumental in the victory. Dixie did manage to play their best set in the 2nd game. Anna made some mistakes and to their credit the Greyhounds capitalized. In the middle of the match, Dixie pulled to within 3. But the Rockets rallied and won 25-17. The other two sets were scored 25-9 and 25-6.


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