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Junior High

1011tvsmu24 TVS defenders (grey) are all over the bulldog ball carrier.

1011tvsmu25 Eric Walker(88) gets a tackle for a loss. Austin Chaffee(40).

1011tvsmu33 Miles McCollum(14) passes behind the protection of Tyler Cunningham(5)

1011tvsmu34 Miles McCollum passes against the Milton Union Bulldogs.

1011tvsmu35_GOOD Miles McCollum calls his own number on this carry for a first down. Caleb Peter(95), AJ Bantz(64),Andrew(71)

1011tvsmu39 Roy Wysong(12) almost picks this Bulldog pass off.

1011tvsmu40_GOOD Cat and Dogs fight over this pass as Panther Eric Walker(88) is covered by 2 Bulldogs.


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