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J. C. Tilton

Valley View(5-1) at Eaton(4-2) Eaton is young team, but they are rapidly maturing this season. They have a solid running game with Manfred Schreyer. But I think Valley View can slow down Eaton. They will still score points, but will not run up and down the field. Valley View wins by a TD.

Brookville(4-3) hosts Northridge(0-6) An ailing Blue Devil team will play the Polar Bears. Even with injuries at runningback, Brookville should be able score easily. Their defense is still potent and hold the Polar Bears in check. Brookville by 2 scores or more.

Dixie(2-4) at Carlisle(3-3) With two division losses, Dixie is now playing for pride. Carlisle has some husky linemen and a decent running attack. Dixie is a little undersized on the line. I see this as a battle in the trenches. I don't think that Dixie has the beef to push back the Indians. Their best hope is to go over top with the pass and run just enough to keep them honest. Still Carlisle will grind out the yards on offense. Carlisle wins by a TD.

TVS(0-7) hosts Ansonia(1-6) Ansonia only has one win, but several of those losses have been close. They were up against TCN before allowing them to score a go ahead TD in the 4th quarter. They lost to Covington by a TD. So they are a team that cannot be taken lightly despite their record. Look for this to be a contest between the Ansonia run and the TVS pass. The Tigers will be able to establish a running game. The Tigers win by less than a TD.

TCN(4-2) hosts Mississinnawa Valley(3-4) The BlackHawks upset Covington last week. Under the 2nd year of their head coach Johnny Graher the once laughed at program is getting respect. They have returning letterman on the offensive and defensive lines and also have quarterback Kyle Linder. They will need to contain Landis and stop Linder who has shown he can gain yards even if flushed out of the pocket. I think North has a stronger defense plus they are playing at home. TCN wins a close one by a TD.



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