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BlackHawks go toe to toe with North
J. C. Tilton

The Missinniwa Valley Blackhawks are back. They have had a long drought since the Enis brothers played for them. But the team is definitely not the doormats of the CCC anymore. They have a retro look to them now, a new coach that dresses like Tom Landry, plain uniforms ala Penn State, and they hit hard like the Chicago Bears of old. And North went into the game missing their most potent weapon, Eric Wright. He had fractured a finger in practice and was out for this game.

North was able to score early and go up 14-0. But the BlackHawks put together a nice drive late in the second quarter and on the last play of the half, they were able to score on a pass play and draw within a TD, 14-7. In the early part of the second half, North had a rough time moving the ball. But when they stopped Missinniwa Valley, they fumbled the ball away on the punt. Just when it looked like the BlackHawks were starting to threaten David Seibel came up with a timely interception to end their drive. The pads were really popping as both teams had violent tackles and vicious hits. The teams occasionally mixed in the pass, but it was really trench warfare as the linemen battled, and the backs clashed with the linebackers.

The teams went into the 4th quarter with the BlackHawks still down by 7. The BlackHawks had managed to get good field position several times, but the stingy North Defense had held when they had to. But time became a factor. Missinniwa forced North to punt and recovered the ball in their own 19 yard line with 3:30 left in the game. They fired the ball downfield to their receivers but could not move the ball. North was able to deflect a critical pass, but several passes were simply dropped. So North took over, but the BlackHawks still had 3 timeouts which they put to use. North was quickly facing a 4th down situation. Brett Landis called his own number and got a critical first down. Then they were able to take a knee and breath a sigh of relief as they held off the BlackHawks to win 14-7.


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