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1008tvsnt01 Wes Bassler feels a little Blazer heat.

1008tvsnt03 Wes Bassler tries to get this pass away before Blazer Bryce Conway makes contact.

1008tvsnt09 Panther Chad Wentlender carries the ball.

1008tvsnt10 Wes Bassler calls the signals for the TVS Panthers.

1008tvsnt15 Dustin Bassler gains some yardage on this end around.

1008tvsnt18 Dustin Bassler is about to make a catch for a first down.

1008tvsnt22 Derek Smith eyes his receivers.

1008tvsnt29 Lyle Johnson(33) on his interception runback for a TD. Gary Strong(5), Randy Kerns(2), Nathan McDermitt(75).

1008tvsnt35 Bryan Nuse(41) makes a stop for negative yardage. Joel Stearman(77) and Robby Lakes(45) assist.

1008tvsnt38 Anthony Armstrong(2) on his interception runback in the second half.

1008tvsnt39_GOOD Anthony Armstrong(2) runs back an interception. Bryan Nuse(41) Kyle Dunn(88).

1008tvsnt43_GOOD Anthony Armstrong(2) rolls out to pass.

1008tvsnt46 Extra Point denied! TVS defense throws back the Blazer runner on this attempt.

1008tvsnt49 Scott Leedy makes some yards after catch.

1008tvsnt51 Derek Smith tries to get this pass off under pressure.


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