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South goes 3 sets against Covington
J. C. Tilton

After playing around .500 for the first half of the season, South has put together a winning record in the last part of the season. Covington just had a quality win over state ranked TCN and were on top of the heap in the CCC with an undefeated league record. So both teams were in top form coming into the match.

In the first set it was fairly even all the way. Covington did manage to open a 10-7 lead. But South surged ahead to take a narrow 12-11 lead. Covington was the first team to reach 14, but they could not put South away. And South went ahead 16-15 to put themselves in the drivers seat. But they could not finish off Covington, South allowed 3 points in a row to be scored against them and they lost the first match 16-18.

In the first match, South seemed to do best when they attacked the Bucc's with spikes. Several times they tried to “pooch” the ball over the net, but the Bucc's merely set these up and fired them back. So in the second match South came out playing hard ball. They raced off to a quick 7-1 lead. But Covington showed the tenacity that put them at the top of the league, coming back from the deficit to go up 12-11. Things looked bad for South as Covington went on to match point, up 12-14. Now it was South's turn to rally, they pinned Covington at 14 and scored the next 4 points to win the match 16-14.

The last match was also back and forth. Covington seemed to do a better job at blocking South's spikes. But South kept hammering away and went on to win the last match 15-13 for the win. This throws the CCC league title up for grabs, and makes South a contender as the team draws nearer to the state tournament.


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