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Greyhounds Slip Against Mohawks
J. C. Tilton

Dixie out gained their opposition, but scores are kept in points not yards. Dixie had about 350 yards of offense for the night. Also at several critical junctures the defense gave up first downs to keep Madison drives alive. Seven times the Hound defense gave up a first down on 3rd and long. The Greyhounds drove the ball 4 times inside the 20 and didn't score. A holding penalty and dropped pass ended two of those threats. And there was another category where the Hounds outpaced the Mohawks - penalty yardage. Dixie had 110 yards in penalties to the Mohawks 5. Still the Dixie ball team managed to keep this game close and had a chance all the way to the end.

At the end of the first half Madison had a slim 7-6 lead. Late in the game, Madison had a 20-12 lead. And the Dixie offense drove 90 yards in about a minute to score. The two point attempt failed leaving the score 20-18 in favor of Madison. When asked to comment on the loss, Coach Bullock simply replied “The coach blew it. I put the blame squarely on me. In my eyes, the best team lost. I made a bad call on the last 2 point conversion attempt and we lost the opportunity to tie and go into overtime. If we could have converted on one of those extra point attempts we may be 3-2 instead 2-3.” Coach Bullock went on to say that, “Right now the team is down about letting this one slip away. But we are healthy and next week we will try again.”

Stats for the night: Chad Craft was 12 of 30 for 182 yards, 1 TD, 3 Int, and rushed 9 times for 106 yards. Tyler Wilson carried 11 times for 33 yards. Ben Spahr caught 5 passes for 113 yards. Joe Blosser caught 4 passes for 58 yards. Freshman Nick Miller had 4 tackles for negative yardage, Ethan Owens had 2 tackles for negative yardage.


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